Pool & Hot Tub Services

Swimming Pool & Hot tub Services we provide: Full Service Cleaning and Maintenance (weekly or bi-weekly). Complete System Evaluations, Equipment Repair & replacement, programing, automation. Pool Openings, Pool Closings (winterizations), Salt Systems, Low Chlorine Systems, Stain Removal, Beautification, Cleaning, Equipment Repairs, if you don't see it listed, please ask, we most likely do it!

We carry only the highest quality and purity chemicals sanitizers, balancers, conditioners, clarifiers, and alternative sanitizers on the market. This means we never sell cut rate pool supplies, and we charge a fair price!

Family Pool & Spa offers a wide variety of services on all types of pools and spas, including above ground, in ground, gunite, fiberglass, & vinyl systems.

Here are just some of the services Family Pool and Spa Provides

Pool Openings

Pool openings done right and at a fair price…the 1st time!

Pool Closings & Winterization

Pool Winterizations at a fair price and done right!

Weekly or Bi-weekly Water Testing

Weekly or bi-weekly water testing with our field model, of the “Water Link Spin Lab”. Family Pool & Spa will send a technician by your residence, run a sample of your pool or spa water, and email you the results. This enables you the homeowner, to treat your body of water with the same laboratory accuracy and simple instructions that you would receive if you came into the store. If you so desire, we can even leave any suggested chemicals you are in need of.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Pool/Spa Maintenance

Includes balancing water chemistry, applying conditioners, vacuuming and skimming, emptying skimmer/pump baskets, and periodic cleaning of filters. While there, we will observe equipment conditions, with the goal of informing customers of any noticeable developing issues.

Maintenance & Repair

Full service maintenance and repair of all Major pool and Spa manufactured equipment. This includes the diagnosis and repair of heaters, pump, filters, sanitizing systems, plumbing, auto cover repair, time clocks etc…,

If we missed anything, please ask! We most probably do it.

** We also have a fine selection of nets, poles, leaf rakes, brushes, parts, filters, accessories toys, & more.

For water testing, we have the most state of the art equipment available for analyzing water chemistry in the industry, and we know how to use it.
Finally, you can trust Family Pool & Spa to make honest and accurate recommendations that work.

Stop by today and see for yourself!

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